Domestic & Commercial Drainage Pumps

Domestic & Commercial Drainage Pumps JUSR Series

In past few decades industrial manufacturing sector has grown with a rapid pace leading to higher living standards. This has also led to major problem by form industrial effluent and household sewage. Vast quantities of waste water have damaged the eco system and polluted our water source to a great extent. Toshio Technology has been making every endeavor in developing the waste water treatment equipment. In addition to waste water pumps and sewage pumps, the company has developed submersible aerator for efficient treatment rate of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water treatment plants.

Domestic Drainage pumps are specially designed to be light weight and durable. Pumps need no electric panel and can be operated on single phase current. Pumps are easily transportable; can be used for tank cleaning application as well.

Drainage pumps are utilized to rapidly deplete or direct a lot of water starting with one place then onto the next. Submersible drainage pumps can direct water at different paces, with numerous ready to move both perfect and grimy water.

At Toshio, we have drainage pumps that can be utilized for different applications, including both local and business utilize. In the home, these pumps can be utilized for a wide range of assignments: to deplete overwhelmed storm cellars, purge swimming pools or to handle waterlogged regions of a garden.

With a submersible pump, you can empty get water and wastewater out of the house or garden. A few models incorporate highlights, for example, level controls and check valves. The adaptability of these models makes them perfect for various errands. And in addition for household purposes, we have ones suited to mechanical and business utilize. Pumps that utilization open multi-channel impellers are perfect for depleting dirtied water; others are appropriate for gushing drainage, depleting wells and for situating in territories that are inclined to flooding for specially appointed use. With various flexible pumps that can be utilized as a part of lasting or versatile application, we are certain that we have the model to suit your requirements.

Toshio supply an extensive variety of drainage pumps.

This range of economical plastic-cased pumps are suitable for both Waste Water and Drainage Pumps domestic and light duty use commercial.

Application :-

Drainage for flood water in domestic and commercial establishments.

Fountain water.

Water supply for drip irrigation and gardening

Tank cleaning

Drainage at construction sites.

Technical Data :-
Air Flow Range 100 lpm
Max. Head -
Liquid Temp. -
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Spherical Clearance 10 mm

**For performance curve, please download our online catalog.

Performance Chart :-

JUSR Series - Light Weight Submersible Rain Water Drainage Pump

Range: 1/2HP - 2HP
Features :-

Unique high abrasive resistant resin-Vortex impeller material by DUPONT.

Light weight - ideal for transportable pump but also can be used as stationary pump.

45 degrees discharge allowing pipe placing whether vertically or horizontally.

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