Heavy Duty Effluent Transfer Pumps

Heavy Duty Effluent Transfer Pumps WQ Series

In past few decades industrial manufacturing sector has grown with a rapid pace leading to higher living standards. This has also led to major problem by form industrial effluent and household sewage. Vast quantities of waste water have damaged the eco system and polluted our water source to a great extent. Toshio Technology has been making every endeavor in developing the waste water treatment equipment. In addition to waste water pumps and sewage pumps, the company has developed submersible aerator for efficient treatment rate of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water treatment plants.

Heavy duty waste water pumps are available in 2 pole as well as 4 pole motor. Low speed motor reduces the wear & tear for impeller also ensure continuous duty operations. Products are most suitable for municipal waste treatment or CETP projects.

With our expertise in this domain, we offer Submersible Sewage Pumps that are easy to maintain and resistant to wear & tear. These are durable and mainly used in steel plants and for agriculture purposes. We make use of quality components and spare parts in manufacturing process to ensure long working life and outstanding performance of Sewage Pumps.

These products are produced using finest quality inputs, which are sourced from the genuine and industry leading.

Our range of products finds its application in varied industries. The range offered by us to our customers is created to excellence by our technological experts and is well known globally for its diverse features like sturdy built, dimensional correctness and longer service existence.Pumps and there after a full-fledged world class manufacturing facility. Our products and services available to the easy access of our 1000+ customers in the subcontinent of India.

The Product Portfolio caters to the needs of various markets like Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Environment and Energy, Waste Water Treatment, Bio Gas, Chemical Pulp and Paper, Mining, Minerals and Metals, Power Plants and Ship Building as well.

Application :-

Effluent transfer.

Sewage transfer.

Municipal transfer.

Municipal and industrial waste water projects.

Technical Data :-
Air Flow Range 100~26000 lpm
Max. Head -
Liquid Temp. -
Frequency -
Spherical Clearance 100 mm
MOC Cast Iron and complete SS316, SS304
Technical Data :-

WQ Series- Heavy Duty Effluent Transfer Pump

Range: 1HP - 120HP
Features :-

Non - clog semi open impeller.

Robust construction.

Large solid passage upto 100 mm.

Heavy duty application

The design of double-channel impeller enable the pumps runsleady, vibrate lower and energy saving.

Fitted with outside frameworks oil seal and double mechanical seal, the product may work safe and continuous. The two separate mechanical seals can be lubricated and work stably.

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